Global Mission

Local Results


The Power of Strategic Storytelling

In a fast changing environment where organizations must seize international opportunities, leaders need to tell a compelling story at home and communicate effectively abroad.

It’s all about context. Understanding the landscape and local culture puts you ahead of the competition. How you deliver the message is as important as what you have to say.    

At Avicenna, we guide you through the nuances of cross-cultural engagement. We work hand in hand with your team to define your vision, tailor your story, and execute your mission for a worldwide audience. 


Our Approach

We connect people and ideas with opportunity. We bring together local knowledge, subject matter expertise, and cultural savvy to build you a unique plan and make your goals a reality.

Our Clients

Our clients are changemakers—individuals and organizations whose mission demands that they grow beyond their current capabilities. They look to Avicenna to help them find a bridge to new audiences and partners.

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Born in Persia in the 10th century, Avicenna was a leading historian, philosopher, and scientist revered throughout Europe and the Islamic World.


At Avicenna Strategy, we believe his example of bridging knowledge from different parts of the world – blending tradition with forward thinking – is essential for leading 21st century organizations.